Glitchy The Killer

The story


The name is a nod to the film “Ichi the killer”, the masterpiece from director Takashi Miike.

How we do it ?

The GTK series revolves around glitch art. We are passionate about digital art, generative art, and that’s what we want to print on our designs because it sounds a little bit like adding some magic into that world.

We want to collaborate with artists. We asked one of them to participate in a promotional video, to show his work. We sent him a pre-cut, telling him where to integrate his images. He returned this video to us. We believe that this version fulfills the mission we set for it.
Part of the process remains in making a picture, a graphic design, a photo that’s meaningful to us.


Here's the result

Black, White, French navy, Heather Grey are often available. We are working on the integration of crop tops, hoodies and sweaters.


Viva la rêvôlucion (^!^)