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Starting with the new MO4Y series, each item we create is unique, there is only one copy of each one. Artworks can only be used once. Those are the rules now.


NFTs offer an accurate, simple and funny way to certify the uniqueness, authenticity and ownership to a specific product, both physical or virtual.


NFTs allow us to link clothes to their digital representation and use it as proof of ownership and authenticity.

The Most Important
==== AmusementAmusement !

We are building a bridge to connect your favorite shirts, hoodies, caps with the Metaverse and your digital self, and vice versa.

Web3 Summit 2018

"In a way, internet is becoming a nation"

Juan Benet Founder & CEO of Protocol Labs

Viva la rêvôlucion

Our vision extends far beyond fashion and clothing. Step by step, day after day, we take part in the building of an ecosystem dedicated to dreamers, from all over the world.

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We are an online store. We work remotely from all over the world.

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